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Licensing Terms

  • MP3 + WAV Lease
    • High-Quality MP3 & WAV, Untagged
    • Distribute a Maximum of  5,000 copies
    • Commercial Use
    • Kizzy maintains full ownership of the instrumental
    • Must credit "Prod.By Kizzy"
  • Trackout Lease
    • MP3, WAV + Trackout WAVs, Untagged
    • Distribute Up to 10,000 Copies
    • Commercial Use
    • Kizzy maintains ownership of instrumental
    • Must credit "Prod.By Kizzy"
  • Unlimited Lease
    • MP3, WAV + Trackouts, Untagged
    • Unlimited Distribution
    • Commercial Use
    • Kizzy maintains ownership of instrumental
    • Must credit "Prod.By Kizzy"

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Free License vs. Paid License

Free License
  • Free licenses are recommended for those artists who are just starting out and want to see how they sound on a track before purchasing a beat. It’s much better to use a free license if you’re not going to be monetizing your music yet and are just working on perfecting your craft. But once you feel like you’re ready to put the music out for the masses purchasing a lease is the best way to do so.
  • Music Distribution Not Allowed
  • Non-Profit only
If you are using a free license to make a profit, please be aware that you will get into trouble with the law & agreement of the license because of copyright infringement.
Paid License
  • Paid licenses are best for those who are ready to release their music to the masses through Youtube, Streaming Platforms, Shows, etc. This will allow you to get paid for your work and make a living off of your music.
  • Music Distribution Allowed: This means that you can distribute your music for a certain amount of copies depending on your license. This will also allow you to create a stream of income.
  • For Profit.

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