Branding & Why It’s Important for You!

For a lot of people, branding and the importance of it is a mystery. I’ve had some people ask me why they would need branding or a logo. This question always baffles me because of the extremely important role that branding plays for anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your personal brand. Branding for a giant company or for a start-up, branding will be the first thing anyone ever sees.

For you as a person, your personality is your brand. It is the way people perceive you in the world. What they first think of when they hear your name or see you.

For example, when you see the Apple logo, what do you think of? I know that for me personally, the words that come to mind are; clean, elegant, powerful. That is what the brand represents. So you want to be aware of your brand as a person. You don’t want to be that person who everyone thinks is an asshole and no one wants to be around. So be mindful of what you say and do in public because it does affect your brand and your image.

A brand is also represented by a logo. A symbol that when people see it they automatically know what brand it is. Again let’s come back to Apple. When you see the apple with the bite in it you automatically know who we’re talking about. Same thing with Amazon, FedEx, YouTube, Facebook, etc. So you also want to make sure you have a good logo to represent you.

In terms of music, your website, your cover artwork, your music videos and everything else plays into your brand. This is all super important because this is going to be the first impression you make on the people who come across you. Humans are visual first. This means that what they see will determine if they will want to listen to the music afterward.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I didn’t listen to a project because the artwork looked unprofessional or because the artist’s website was unprofessional. Now as a producer and graphic designer I know how to see through this and it bothers me a little less because I am actually passionate about music but you must take into consideration that most of the people who will be listening to an artist’s music are not even involved in music. In a producer’s case it’s different because our visitors are artists so we can relate on a musical level but the visual is still important.

That’s all for now, I hope this short article helped you out. I would always love to know how this impacted you so please don’t hesitate to DM me on social media @producedbykizzy everywhere and let me know what you thought and the impact.

Shameless Plug: I am a graphic designer so if you do need a logo, cover artwork or a website please DM me or email me at so that I can help you get the best branding possible. 

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