How Music Saved My Life

The Past

Music has always played an important role in my life. As a kid, I would always use it as an escape to run from all the bad shit that was going on in my life. It would help me calm down and take a step back from everything.


In high school, it’s safe to say that I was around the wrong group of people. Many of them were involved in drug dealing or were taking drugs. Now, this might seem like the normal storyline for almost everyone in the music industry (especially Hip-hop), but I knew that it would only lead me to bad things. I knew that nothing good would come from having those kinds of people in my life but I had no way to get out. If I didn’t go out with my “friends”, I would be stuck home alone and bored so I forced myself to hang out with these people who I knew had the ability to destroy my life. Then I discovered FL Studio.


FL Studio To The Rescue

When I discovered FL Studio, I was amazed. It blew my mind that I would be able to create music like my favorite artists directly from my computer. So I took the time to learn how to make beats. At the time I was inspired by people like Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Dj Quik, DJ Premier, and all the legends. I wanted to be just like them. So this led to me staying at home working on my craft instead of being out in the streets where I would eventually end up selling drugs, dead or in jail.


My passion for making music literally saved my life and showed me that it was possible to do something else. I decided at the age of 11 to dedicated myself to create music and that’s exactly what I did.


To this day that’s still what I’m doing and it kept me alive for this long. I know for a fact that if I was still with the same people I was with in high school, I would end up in a bad place because a lot of those people are locked up at the moment. Now I did have a change in my circle of friends at the end of high school and that also changed the way I saw life. They were great people who had my back when I needed them and supported my dream.


My point is that music really helped keep me out of the streets and focused on doing something good for people instead of wasting my time on useless bullshit.


If you can relate to my story go ahead and drop your story in the comments or email it to me at, I would love to hear how music helped you in your life.

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